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Building Demolition & Refuse Hauling Services

When you need an old shed, house, or building torn down in the Bangor area, Advanced Development Co. offers all the demolition services you will need. From dismantling the structure in a safe and professional manner to sorting and hauling the debris from the property, we've got you covered.

Licensed Refuse Hauler

We dispose of everything according to the rules and regulations of the State of Maine. We'll ensure that recyclable materials are delivered in our trucks to the correct location to help reduce the amount of trash entering landfills while protecting our environment.

Residential and Commercial Service

Removing crumbling outbuildings from your home's property or preparing to update your business with a new storefront can be intimidating. We can simplify the process with all the heavy equipment and manpower needed to make quick work of the job, leaving you with open land ready for the next stage of development.

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